For large operatories. Custom is king.

The reason we always go with BaseVac™ is their ability to come in and design a single system to suit the actual capacity of the clinic. It’s not guessing, it’s engineered.

Many dental facilities are being serviced by vacuum pumps that may not be the most ideal, simply because of the fact that there was no “ideal” solution. In cases like this, the engineers at BaseVac™ will design the system specifically to your needs.

From rooftop installations to huge multi operatory clinics they have the solution to whatever unique situation you have. These systems are available as duplex and triplex systems, with additional capacity upon request. 

To save weight and size our engineers have developed a unique design that integrates the stand and manifold into one. This makes for a large capacity system that takes up a compact space in your utility room.

The control panel employs a programmable controller to determine the operating sequence of the pumps. Automatically alternating lead/lag, or “cascading”, controls operate on a first-on/first off basis. This ensures that each pump will have approximately the same amount of running time. This evens the wear on all pumps and prevents the backup pump from deteriorating due to lack of use.

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