2425 Oak Street

January 2014
Custom Central Vacuum System
Model: T100D Triple 5 HP Dental Vacuum System

January 2014 - Installation of a BaseVac T100D central vacuum system for 46 operatories, 14 dentists and 13 hygienists in a multi - clinic 5 story building located in Vancouver, B.C. 2425 Oak Street is a building in Vancouver, BC that is occupied by dentists and dental specialists such as oral surgeons and dental labs. The building is a group ownership project owned by many of the same dentists that practice in the building. In late 2013 the ownership group began a search for replacement of the vacuum system that had been in place for over 25 years.

The D100D triple 5hp vacuum system offered a three fold increase in vacuum plus the redundancy of 3 motors ensured maximum uptime.

2425 Oak Street has 14 dental clinics located in the building and a total of 46 operatories relying on air and vacuum supplied by the central compressor and vacuum system. Productivity, uptime, and stronger suction were important factors in the choice of new equipment and for future years of operation. There was an imminent need to replace the existing machinery due to the potential failure of units that had lasted long past their life expectancy. 

The Dentists were looking for better results in terms of stronger suction, overall performance, new dental office and equipment demands and to minimize the possibility of any downtime. 

The prior / existing system of 3 x 5 HP vacuum units and a dual 15 HP compressor system had lasted beyond the life expectancy of the original purchase plan. 


BaseVac Custom Dry Vacuum Systems were selected over other dental competitors because BaseVac offered a unique “custom solution” specifically tailored for larger sized dental clinics. Three 5 horsepower rotary vane vacuum pumps were installed on a simple space saving vertical rack are controlled by an energy saving PLC controlled lead lag control panel. The vacuum system was chosen to offer redundancy by having 3 motors of which one motor was a 100% back up. 

A continuous run air/water separator was chosen to insure that the vacuum would be available constantly (no down time) and prevent possible shut down for water to drain from the Tanks. This compact dual tank system ensures that liquids are captured and drained without the need to shut the system down.

Another goal was to raise the average level of vacuum in the system from the original 5 Hg” to between 10 - 15 Hg” depending on demand. The result was a three fold increase in suction levels with stronger / faster oral evacuation throughout the building in all the clinics, no dead spots or weak vacuum levels in any operatories in the entire building.