1. Will it be as strong as my water ring suction?

Yes, in fact stronger. Both water ring and rotary vane pumps provide similar Hp to airflow performance. The BaseVac System has 25”Hg suction power. This evacuates the system well beyond the required level acting as a storage of unused volume. This makes for more constant suction.

2. Can I use my old piping?

Absolutely. Smaller is normally better, 1”-2” is great, anything over that, even 6” just means a lower “in pipe” air velocity. The BaseVac extra suction power of up to 25”Hg overcomes piping differences.

3. I have a big clinic, what if only one operatory is working, will the pump be ok?

Yes, each BaseVac pump has a built in vacuum control/safety valve that protects the pump from overloading. The bonus is that BaseVac rotary vane pumps love the heat so one user or 10 wont hurt.

4. Will it fit in the space of my water ring pump?

Normally, maybe, depending, sort of. The pump frame is a two foot cube which is similar to a water ring. We stack the pumps vertically so we only use the 2 foot cube floor space. Problem is we need the same space for an air/water separator, something you don’t need in a wet system. The separator can also be stacked to save floor space.

5. How long will it last?

The systems are guaranteed for 5 years. You should expect to service the pump at least twice in 5 years. The components are industrial quality with a 20 year life span if properly maintained.

6. What if I need more, can I add pumps?

Yes, all BaseVac Systems are self contained however the controls are able to link to the air/water separator as a single to triple system, modular and expandable.

7. Will it just plug in?

No, the system has a cord but no plug. It requires a 220 volt fused breaker and an electrician to wire it in. You can however use a plug if you wish.

8. What else do I need to go dry suction?

An air water separator is mandatory. This is a tank that collects the liquid and debris not trapped in the amalgam separator. A dry pump should not suck water into it. You also have to provide a pump exhaust outside the pump room or building. If your location is a closet you should plan to vent the closet to keep the temperature between 30°- 40°C.

9. Who will do the service?

Your favourite dental dealer, the one you purchased it from, has been trained in basic service. Contact BaseVac Dental for a complete list of dealers or independent representatives in your area. Toll Free - 1-800-668-8736.

10. What should I expect on start up?

In most new installs you should only notice strong quiet suction from the start. It may take up to 5 minutes to evacuate the piping to full power. On older clinics with old piping plan for a flush of the piping system. The power of the BaseVac (25”Hg) will suck years of sediment, scale and junk from your suction piping. We have heard in some cases of 5-6 gallon buckets of sediment. This may have to be cleaned again after a few days of use. Your amalgam separator will get a real work out. Special Note: The BaseVac flow is small when you open all the HVE and saliva ejectors at once. Some start up people use that as a test, we usually fail. Our test is start up as if you had your old system. Use it intermittently like always, sit back and enjoy the extra power.