Capacity12 gal24 gal12 gal
Drain Type1.5" Gravity Drain1.5" Gravity DrainPump
Dimensions34" x 16.5"54.75" x 16.5"34" x 16.5"
Part #300010130001063000108

All our air/water separators come equipped with a high level shut-off   |   Inlet: 1.5"   |   Outlet: 1.5"


The auto drain tanks are perfect for any HD Series system. The BVD 12946 comes standard with most 1HD & 2HD series systems but we offer two other models that allows BaseVac™ to accommodate the needs of most dental installations. The 1H20 COM uses a pump to drain the tank for applications where gravity drains wont work. Contact your dental dealer today for more information.

For use with:

  • Standard BaseVac HD Series systems
  • Capacity suitable for up to 12 users
  • Systems capable of up to 25” HG

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Tank 1/th>14 gal60 gal
Tank 26 gal13 gal
Inlet1.5"4" NPT
Outlet1.5"4" NPT
Voltage110V / 15A110V / 15A
Dimensions54.5" x 25" x 28"34" x 47" x 80"
Part #

All our CR Series Air/Water Separators come with a 1.5" Gravity Drain


The continuous run tank allows higher than normal liquid levels to pass through the system without interrupting the suction flow. This means your dry vac will never stop to drain the tank. The continuous run tanks are designed to work in conjunction with the BaseVac HD Series and Custom Systems. The unique design provides to separate tanks; one always running, the other drains when full. The extra capacity speeds up the process of cleaning the line at the end of each shift. In fact it can even happen while you are still operating. Engineered to keep your clinic working all day with no vacuum interruptions.

For use with:

  • High volume water users.
  • Surgical and general dentistry.
  • Vacuum assisted cuspidors.
  • Multiple offices on central suction.
  • Procedures requiring 100% online suction.

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