BRAND NEW START UP (Always read the installation manual first)

 I have hooked everything up and it won’t start.

  • Most of the BaseVac Systems are 220 volt 1 phase. Most should be wired to an external breaker or fuse panel.  Check the breaker or fuse panel to insure they are active.

  • Second check the breaker in the BaseVac control panel and reset if necessary. 

  • The BaseVac panel has a fuse check and replace with the spare taped inside if necessary

  • Check to insure the high level float switch in the air water separator is wired correctly to the BaseVac control panel.  View the switch and insure it is free to move up and down. 

  • Check if remote switch is installed correctly, if not a jumper wire should be installed between terminals 10 and 11 to allow manual start.


When I turn it on it makes a slow rumble and clicking noise.

  • The BaseVac System requires between 215 and 240 volt power to start up and run at full speed.  Check incoming voltage at the BaseVac panel and add a buck/boost transformer if necessary
  • The noise is a low RPM noise normal associated with low voltage
  • Check the exhaust air blow off valve located at the back of the system at the aluminum fitting.  BaseVac systems are shipped with a grey schedule 80 plastic pipe adapter.  The adapter must be used.  It allows internal space for the blow off valve to fully open and allow air out of the pump.  If this is not correct the pump cannot start up to speed due to excessive back pressure. 


It works but not very well I can only use 1 HVE

  • The BaseVac System is very strong 25” Hg compared to 12 or 15” Hg. When first installed it has the power to clean years of debris from the lines. This debris can clog piping bends and amalgam separator. We have had the experience of buckets of debris being pulled through the lines.  Clean and flush the lines completely and restart the system. 
  • Check all fittings and connections for leaks.   Stronger suction can open cracks that would otherwise not be a problem. 
  • Check that the regulator valve is adjusted properly, close for more vacuum (clockwise rotation)


It’s not very strong and the pump and room smells very hot. 

  • This normally is a sign that the exhaust blow off valve is not functioning properly and not letting the air out of the pump
  • Check to insure the original BaseVac plastic pipe adaptor was used.
  • Check to make sure the exhaust valve is working properly.
  • If the BaseVac system operates on incoming voltage less than 215 volts the motor will fail over time.  We have examples of 1 to 2 running years before motor fails.  Check voltage and amperage to determine if the motor is failing. 


The vacuum seems to come and go like waves. 

  • This normally indicates a piping system blockage.  Debris move around blocking flow intermittently. 
  • The wave scenario may also be associated with the draining of the air water separator.  When full the switch shuts the system off for 3½ minutes while the tank drains.  Depending on the piping system there may be minimal suction during this time. 
  • This scenario may also occur in high vertical lift piping systems (over the wall) to correct wave action increase the vacuum to a higher level on the built in valve.
  • Also check the air water separator drain check valve to ensure it is not blocked open with debris.


All of a sudden I get poor suction, I turn it off and on and it works but later its poor again. 

  • This is normally a piping system problem.  Solid debris, flakes may be floating in the system and eventually blocks the line.  Turning the pump off allows the blockage piece to fall to the bottom of the pipe.  Later with the combination of high flow and liquid the blockage can re-occur. Clean the lines thoroughly until problem stops. 
  • Check the air water separator drain check valve to make sure it is closing properly. 


When I open up all the HVE and SE the suction is not enough. 

  • This is normal.  The BaseVac system is not a high flow system but at the operating vacuum of 10” Hg its flow is equal to all other systems.  The advantage of the higher suction BaseVac system is that it can evacuate the piping system to a deeper vacuum operating vacuum reservoir. When the clinic starts up not all users have open flow at the point the BaseVac system will suck more air out of the system (more suction power) this helps to balance the flow when multiple users come on and off line.
  • In a busy multiple user system it is best to start the BaseVac vacuum valve at full vacuum. 


I have too much suction when it’s just me working. 

  • This is because the BaseVac was shipped with the vacuum valve set at full power 25 Hg”.  In a small clinic it is wise to adjust the valve to a level that works best for every situation. 
  • In a multiple user or heavy use clinic the system works best set at full suction.  When only one user is working you can adjust the vacuum valve setting or open a single HVE in another suite to lower the system vacuum 


When I flush the lines at night it stops working and after a while starts again. 

  • This is normal most BaseVac systems have a built in high liquid level switch installed in the air water separator.  Flushing the lines may fill the tank and trigger the switch which shuts the vacuum off for 3 minutes when the tank is automatically drained the vacuum will restart. 
  • This extra 3 minutes may help you line cleaner to work in a full pipe scenario.
  • Every time the BaseVac system is shut off it drains the air water separator automatically. If you shut the system off prior to flushing the lines you start out with an empty tank, it will fill and drain when the system is shut off, ready for the next day.