University of Pennsylvania

October 2013
Custom Central Vacuum System
Duplex 100% Oil-less (Dry) Modular/Expandable

In 2013 The University of Pennsylvania Dental School required an overhaul and upgrade to their dental suction system.

Located at 240 South 40th Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the clinic is home to 25 dental full time dental suites. The clinic wanted to provide for expansion and increase the dental suction average power, The existing clinic provided 5 Hg” on average throughout the day.

Flight Dental is the distributor for BaseVac Dry Dental Suction Systems in the USA. The Flight team worked directly with Limbach Mechanical Contractors to put together a plan of upgrading and modernizing the facility. The removal of existing equipment and the install of new had to take place on a single weekend. BaseVac Custom Dry Vacuum Systems were selected over traditional dental competitors because we offered a unique custom engineered solution. 

Two 5 hp rotary vane vacuum pumps installed on a simple space saving vertical rack are controlled by an energy saving PLC controlled lead lag control panel.

The full duty cycle of the clinic made it necessary for a continuous run air/water separator. This compact dual tank system ensures that liquids are captured and drained without the need to shut the system down.

The BaseVac System installed is a Model D100D, two pumps, with the requirement for one pump to handle the base load. The goal was to raise the average level of vacuum in the system from the original 5 Hg” to 15 Hg” with uctuations from 10 Hg” to 18 Hg” depending on demand. The result was excellent with strong suction throughout the clinic, no dead spots.