Volunteer Dental Outreach

February 2012
Location: Haliburton, Ontario, Canada
Clinic: Volunteer Dental Outreach
Model: M-VAC

Dr. Bill Kerr founded the volunteer Dental Clinic in Haliburton, Ontario Canada (3 hours from Toronto, 3 hours from Ottawa) to provide free dentistry for adults that could not afford basic services in Ontario (Children up to 16 have dental service covered under a subsidized welfare program). Young adults to seniors with limited or no income have no dentistry available. 

Dr. Kerr founded the free clinic in rural Haliburton to provide a full range of dental services to those adults in need.  The clinic shares space in a house with a radio station. The facility was built as a 2 operatory clinic, serviced with 3 volunteer Dentists and 4 volunteer Hygienists’. The problem was and is water.  The facility shares a well and septic system.  The availability of water was a huge hurdle in building the clinic.  An inexpensive water ring suction system is norm in most small clinics.  The water required to create the suction would have depleted the well in hours not to mention the unnecessary load on the waste water septic system.

The BaseVac Canadian made Dental Dry Suction System offered the optimal solutions.  The M-Vac Series 1 HP DryVac is designed to provide two dental users each with 1 HVE and 1 SE Suction Tool.  The model M-Vac 4.16 1 HP system provides ample suction for two full time Dentists. The unique Air Water Separator collects only the rinse water and saliva which it completely drains every time the system shuts off. “The fact that the M-Vac provides up to 25” Hg suction makes any necessary procedure possible” said Dr. Kerr, “It’s a good feeling to know that in this pristine Northern Town we are not adding any burden on the ECO System.”  “With BaseVac the very best amalgam separators can be used to capture contaminants and there is no oil in the exhaust air”