Better Together.

Our Line Cleaner is the perfect match for our Dry Vacuum Systems.  The BaseVac Line Cleaner & Atomizer were specifically designed to work with our products. Clean lines means you'll get the industry leading average suction our pumps put out so your practice can run at it's best. Like all products at BaseVac the Line Cleaner & Atomizer are designed to be easy to use and developed using time tested methods. They keep your BaseVac running at it's best, so your clinic runs at it's best too.



BaseVac Systems NeutraClean

Part #: 2830211

The dual action cleaner that packs a punch! BaseVac NeutraClean is a super-concentrated, pH balanced formula that dissolves and removes organic and inorganic debris in dental evacuation systems. The unique neutral pH balanced formula is also compatible with amalgam separator devices, as recently indicated by a leading manufacturer.


BaseVac Systems Atomizer

Part #: 2830212

Our Easy 1-2-3 Atomizer was developed to deliver our BaseVac Line Cleaner by drawing a combination of air and liquid simultaneously, the way dental pumps were made to function. Simply attach the High Volume Evacuators (HVEs) onto the two HVE adapters and the saliva ejector into the remaining adapter, turn on the vacuum pump, and open the HVEs and saliva ejector valves. Within two minutes the solution will be aspirated through the dental lines providing greater surface contact for a more complete cleaning of the tubing. The BaseVac Easy 1-2-3 Atomizer mixes 10% solution with 90% air and aspirates it through the vacuum line reducing stress on the vacuum pump.