Dentistry In The Highlands

November 2011
Location: Minden, Ontario Canada 
Clinic: Dentistry in the Highlands
Model: 1HD4.40P

Recently a 40 year old dental practise was rebuilt from the ground up.  Located in the small rural town of Minden, the 4 operatory clinic is now a state of the art of dental office. Finding water to continue to operate the old water ring suction system was a problem. The town has a relatively new water system and building permits are closely monitored as to the effect on the town’s water resources. 

Water was once free now it is a significant cost coming in and going out as waste. The water the that the ring pump required to operate 4 full time Dental users would consume a large back yard pool of water each month just to create suction. Dr. Bill Kerr decided to take the environmental option and select a BaseVac Brand Dry Suction System. “The upfront cost was much more however spread over the 5 year warranty period much cheaper based on the cost of water,” he said, “protecting the environment is always a good choice made easier when the eco friendly equipment really works.” “BaseVac Systems provide excellent suction; we have 3 full time Dentists and 1 Hygienists working at all times and no one has ever complained of lack of suction”

The clinic uses a BaseVac Model 1HD4.40P 2HP system complete with a compact efficient air/water separator.  The separator drains in 3 minutes every time the system is turned off.” “It’s surprising really how little water we need and use in Dentistry when you don’t waste it to drive a water ring pump,” he told us, “the pump and separator are located in a closet in the middle of the clinic.  It’s so quiet, you hardly know it’s working.”